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Animal Flex 381 g by Universal Nutrition

Animal Flex 381 g

Brand Universal Nutrition

Content 381 g

34.69 €


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The perfect product for athletes who are depended on the functional joints, ligaments and tendons. Bodybuilders and strength athletes are in the exercise of their sport exposed to high loads. Animal Flex supports the body to compensate for the training loads.

Animal Flex Joint protection suit
Many bodybuilding and weight training beginners have only a training target, rapid muscle and strength gains. While ignoring the majority of athletes that the strength of the joints, ligaments and tendons is at least as important. This is a big mistake ... who is so focused on his goal to move as quickly as possible high weights to thereby exert a maximum training effect on muscles, has injuries inevitable. The increase in strength can be the strength of the joints and connective tissue on demand.

One can compare this with the construction of a skyscraper. The foundation of such a house has to be solid, because the mass of the house an enormous pressure on the foundation. The foundation of the body are the joints, ligaments, tendons and all connective tissue. Without these structures, the muscle work and no training is possible. The harder you train, the more weight to be moved and the higher the level of exercises and movements, the greater is the burden on the foundation. This constant training load can weaken the skeleton of the body, leading to injuries and complaints.

Universal Nutrition has now been developed with the Animal Flex a product to support the passive movement apparatus. Animal Flex is designed specifically for strength athletes such as bodybuilders and powerlifters have been developed. One can look at the Animal Flex as a base food supplement to supply the back, shoulders, knees and the related joint and connective tissue with nutrients. All important for a constant muscle growth and strength gains in the studio. You need protein and amino to provide for muscle growth and nutrients to the muscles.

The additional supply of the joints with the nutrients can be used Animal Flex.

Here are the essential components

1.Growth complex With glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, if damaged structures are present.

2.Lubrikations complex Assisting with hyaluronic acid, linseed oil and the Cetyl Myristoleate complex in order to buffer the Joints, which is required during strength training.

3.Support complex With Ginger, turmeric, quercetin, bromelain, etc. to assist the rehabilitation.

4. Key vitamin / mineral complex With vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium and manganese to supply additional nutrients to the joints.

The brand-new Animal Flex is now the armor against the rigors of bodybuilding and weight training.

Supplement Facts

Universal Animal Flex 381 g - Supplement Facts

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