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Training for massbuilding - Exercises for gaining weight

Das Training zum Masseaufbau

It is important to find a balance between exercise, diet, recovery and your daily life.

All these factors build a foundation for successfully building muscle mass.

Target Muscle Training:
Effectively building muscle mass requires weight training that reaches the breaking point of the muscles.
This means that impulses are set in training in order to balance the overstimulation in the recovery phase with individual muscle growth.
Complete body training can make sense in the beginning. A complete body training which eventually focuses on basic, combination, compound and complex exercises.
E.g.: squats, deadlifts, flat and incline bench press, pull-ups, bent over rows, military press, close incline bench press, barbell curls etc.
Depending on the individual and his/her personal conditions, it makes sense to change to a split-program (different muscle groups per training session/day), which is also based on basic exercises complemented with specific isolation exercises. (Focused on a single muscle)
Very important factors besides the choice of exercise are scale, intensity, cadence and breaks.
The goal is to reach the maximum intensity in the workout, e.g. the achievement of muscle failure during a positive movement (contraction, tightening of the muscle), where no repetition is possible anymore.
Everybody’s body structure is different, which is why it is essential to find optimum methods for every individual.
A few “principles”:
A high intensity until muscle failure is the key to success!
The amount of sets is not as important as the intensity that affects the movement itself. Always go slow, controlled and without momentum.
The cortisol level increases significantly after 60 minutes of training. Max. 60 minute workouts. To ensure focus and 100% intensity, 45 minute workouts are recommended.
More than 10-12 training sets are not only useless, but also ineffective.
On average 10 sets for big muscle groups (e.g. legs) and between 5-6 sets for small muscle groups (arms).
The negative movement (the extending of the muscle) is very effective for the building of muscle! Therefore, it is recommended to perform these movements slowly and with concentration.
Modify your exercises (e.g every 2-3 months), so that your muscles do not get used to certain movement patterns.
Also try different speeds of execution as well as repetitions (phases).
Improper training can increase the risks of an injury.
Combine your individualized training with the right diet, with sufficient recovery (off days) and sleep.
Supplements and nutritional supplements can support this process: