Payment payment methods

a. To download your personal invoice in order to receive the required data for e-banking, please proceed as follows:

1. Log in into e-shop with your email address and password.
2. Click on “my orders”; select the required invoice. Your invoice will be opened.
3. Copy the required data for the e-banking and paste them into the e-Banking-Tool.

b. In case you are paying in cash at the bank or by wire transfer, here are the bank details:
(Please indicate the order-number as a payment reference.)

Bank: Raiffeisenbank am Hofsteig, AT-6922 Wolfurt
Owner: Fitnessfood International. Inc.
IBAN: AT45 3748 2000 0007 0706

c. You can also send a payment easily via PayPal:
Please enter the corresponding order number as your reason for payment.

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