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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

In case of some products will be shipped from EU-Stock, do I have to pay VAT or Customs Tax?

NO. There are no additional costs for you, neither custom fees nor any value-added tax. It's all inculed in the product price and all paid by us electronically to the customs, before your parcel is shipped.

How can I measure 30 g protein powder without a scale?

This is a simple thumb rule:

You can assume the following values when measuring glutamine, creatine, carbohydrate or protein powder (all have about the same specific weight):

  • One heaped teaspoon equals approx.. 4 g
  • One level tablespoon equals approx. 8 g
  • One heaped tablespoon equals approx. 12 g

Can too much protein be harmful?

The recommended daily requirement of protein is approx. 2-3 g per kg bodyweight for power athletes. While using steroids, he/she requires more.

Surplus protein is energetically metabolized. In comparison to carbohydrates and fats, which are removed to water and carbon hydroxide, the amino group of the amino acids has to be detoxified and excreted in the urine.
Experimental findings show that bodybuilders excrete twice the amount of urea as a comparison group. However, the daily amount of urine is only 1 ¼ times. This results in a greater burden for the kidneys. A correlation between an additional burden and kidney damage is being discussed.

Why does clumping occur in powder products despite proper storage?

Unfortunately, the clumping and hardening of the powder occurs for specific high quality products after a long period of time in the container and because of reasons such as anti-caking as well as release agents.
Humidity does not have an influence, because the temperature and humidity in our warehouse is regulated automatically. (If such a powder gets wet, it would disintegrate and dissolve)

Since it is in the nature of products containing these ingredients, hard clumps can often be found in powder products.
Some manufactures value pure ingredients and waive the addition of chemical substances such as anti-caking agent etc., because clumping or a solid mass does not indicate lower quality of the ingredients

What is a minimum order surcharge?

A flat surcharge of Fr. 9,00 is added for all orders that total Fr. 40,00 or less. Owing to this minimum order surcharge, our customers benefit from lower prices for small articles.

How does it work and in what way do I benefit from it as a customer?

Low-price articles are usually purchased several at a time or together with a more expensive product. The execution of these kinds of orders cause less internal costs as the proportional processing expenses decrease with an increasing amount of products within the same order in comparison to products that are ordered individually.For this reason it was decided to reduce the price of these low-price products. At the same time the minimum order surcharge had to be introduced for orders below Fr. 40,00. This is because processing expenses for low-price orders are disproportionately high.

This means that customers benefit especially when ordering several low-price products at a time or when purchasing them together with other articles within the same order and thereby exceeding an order total of Fr. 40,00.