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Train Benefit 300 g

Train Benefit 300 g

from FitnFemale
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Unleash your full potential with Train Benefit – the ultimate partner for your training routine.


Maximize your performance with Train Benefit from Fitnfemale!

Discover the synergistic power of ultra-fine EAAs, electrolytes, and essential nutrients in an all-in-one formula. Our advanced EAAs, combined with magnesium and ginseng, are your key to reaching new training heights. Plus, enjoy the delicious mango-passionfruit flavor that makes every workout a fruity experience. Ideal for diet and bulking phases – Your training deserves this boost!

Highlights of Train Benefit

  • Ultra Micronized EAA Formula: Supplies muscles with essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own.
  • Magnesium (Citrate): Supports electrolyte balance and normal nervous system function.
  • Low Calorie Content: Only 6 calories per 100ml of the drink.

More than just amino acids

  • Comprehensive Nutrient Supply: A perfect blend of all nine essential amino acids supports muscle building and accelerates recovery.
  • Electrolyte Balance: Maintain your performance by staying hydrated, even during the most intense training sessions.
  • Magnesium for Muscles: Improves muscle contraction and relaxation, reduces cramps, and optimizes performance.
  • Natural Energy Boost with Ginseng: Panax ginseng extract enhances your energy and concentration.
  • Nutrients for the Immune System: A selected combination of vitamins supports the immune system and overall well-being.

Discover how Train Benefit transforms your training and helps you achieve your goals!

Supplement Facts

Train von Fitnfemale - Supplement Facts

Zutaten: Calciumcarbonat, Cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12), Kaliumcitrat, L-Methionin, L-Phenylalanin, L-Threonin, Natriumcitrat, Pteroylmonoglutaminsäure (Vit. B9), Pyridoxinhydrochlorid (Vit. B6), Aroma, Farbstoff: Beta-Carotin, Inulin, Isoleucin- Pulver (L-Isoleucin, Emulgator: Lecithine (Sonnenblume)), L-Lysin-Hydrochlorid, L-Tyrosin, Leucin-Pulver (L-Leucin, Emulgator: Lecithine (Sonnenblume)), Magnesiumbisglycinat, Panax Ginseng-Extrakt, Säuerungsmittel: Citronensäure, Süßungsmittel: Sucralose, Tryptophan-Pulver (L-Tryptophan, Emulgator: Lecithine (Sonnenblume)), Valin- Pulver (L-Valin, Emulgator: Lecithine (Sonnenblume))


Dissolve and consume one serving (12g) once daily in 500 – 600 ml of cold water

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