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Frankincense-Curcuma-Myrrh 60 Capsules by Floramed

Frankincense-Curcuma-Myrrh 60 Capsules

Brand Floramed

Content 60 capsules

36.57 €


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Floramed Frankincense-Curcuma-Myrrh - effective levels of active compounds from each ingredient

The true health-boosting power behind these three plants is in the unique active molecules locked inside the structure of their leaves, stems, and roots. Unfortunately, simply consuming the plants themselves can never provide the concentration of these compounds necessary to promote healthy inflammation levels.

A proprietary extraction process allows us to include a generous quantity of each active compound, ensuring you get the most effective formula possible.


This compound has been scientifically proven to support a healthy inflammation response. And more and more evidence is discovered daily that shows what a health powerhouse curcumin really is.


Myrrh extract was historically used for embalming due to its strong smell and natural antiseptic properties. But now medical scientists are finding it could be useful for far more than that. It’s proven as a powerful natural substance for maintaining healthy inflammation levels in the body.


Used for centuries in traditional natural medicine, the active compound in frankincense is now being praised by doctors for its amazing ability to promote healthy inflammation levels.


Anyone who wants to do everything in their power to live their longest, healthiest life should consider it

If you want to support healthy inflammation levels, what better way than to spread these powerful health-boosting compounds throughout your whole body? That’s precisely what this encapsulated formula aims to do.
A precise blend containing extracts of 100% curcumin, frankincense, and myrrh are suspended in dry form and then precisely dosed in capsules.

2x daily 1 capsule.

Supplement Facts

Floramed Weihrauch-Curcuma-Myrrhe

Zutaten: Weihrauchharzpulver (25,4%), Curcumawurzelpulver (25,4), Kapselhülle: Gelatine, Myrrheharz Extrakt (9,3%), Weihrauchharz Extrakt (8,5%), Curcumawurzel Extrakt (6,2%), L-Ascorbinsäure (5,1%), D-alpha-Tocopherylacetat (2,3%), Mittelkettige pflanzliche Triglyceride, Trennmittel: Magnesiumsalze von Speisefettsäuren 

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