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Get everything your body needs and much more. The online shop from Fitnessfood® Switzerland provides everything you need for your workouts and muscle building: from dietary supplements to protein shakes, protein bars, fat burners and amino acids. Whether you want to buy protein or order creatine, here at Fitnessfood® Switzerland, we offer a wide range of different food supplements for everyone’s needs. Discover for yourself our wide selection at reasonable prices. We have detailed information for products available at Fitnessfood® in the following pages.

Fitnessfood® Switzerland Nutrition - nutritional supplements that enhance your training

Nutritional supplements that are specifically designed to the athlete's needs can make the training even more effective and lead to the desired results more quickly. The intake of specific dietary supplements accelerates muscle build-up as they allow the oxygen to enter the muscles better, providing more strength and energy for effective exercise. In order to ensure that the muscles are adequately supplied with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins, it is recommended to use the product directly before or after the workout, or even daily for long term nutritional supplementation.

In order to meet the increased demand for nutrients, we offer various dietary supplements in our Fitnessfood® Switzerland store for training and efficient muscle building: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, creatine, carnitines and glutamines. We also offer other specific products such as weight gainer and fat burner by famous manufacturers including Nutrex, SAN Nutrition, BSN, Optimum Nutrition, Omega Sports, Purely Inspired, Tested Nutrition, Fitmiss, StrongGirl, Nature's Food, Applied Nutriceuticals and many more - quality at low prices! You have to be aware that with all quality brands and their successful nutritional supplements, you also find many counterfeid products, which can have serious health consequences. It is important that you trust in the purchase of food supplements that are certified quality brands. You will see that quality does not have to be expensive. And to make sure you always get the most favorable nutritional supplement, we guarantee the best possible nutritional supplements at reasonable prices! Affordable nutritional supplements can be bought at Fitnessfood® Switzerland.

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Fitnessfood® Onlineshop Switzerland: Nutritional supplements at low prices

Fitnessfood® Megastore is your online shop for nutritional supplements.
Buy vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein bars, protein shakes, creatine, carnitine, glutamine, weight gainer, fat burner and many more to enhance your training sessions and even faster muscle build-up. Be careful when it comes to the quality of food supplements! Many manufacturers sell cheap counterfeit products that can have serious health consequences. The purchase of supplements should be from trusted manufacturers including BSN, Muscle Tech, Universal Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Applied Nutriceuticals, and Muscle Pharm. A list of all trusted retailers whose products are offered in our online shop can be found under the "brands" section in the main menu.

You will see that quality does not have to be expensive. High quality nutritional supplements can be bought at the online Fitnessfood® Switzerland shop. You can not only buy high-quality nutritional supplements for every need, but also find the right accessories for the preparation of drinks, such as shakers and drinking bottles as well as exclusive sports gear. Everything for a low price at at Fitnessfood® Switzerland.