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Stack 5 90 Capsules


Stack 5 90 Capsules

90% of 100
The further increase of the best known fat burner & energizers in Europe based on herbs, L-Carnitine and Chromium Picolinate in the specific composition of these fat burning, it reduce appetite, harmonize the insulin levels and prevent hunger pangs.

The further increase of the best known fat burner & energizers in Europe based on herbs, L-Carnitine and Chromium Picolinate in the specific composition of these fat burning, it reduce appetite, harmonize the insulin levels and prevent hunger pangs.  

Stack 5 contains a synergistic (mutually reinforcing) combination of ingredients that increase thermogenesis and therefore increases the fat burning.
Stack 5 is comparable with the known ephedrine-caffeine-aspirin stack, but with better tolerability, as only stack 5 by M Double You consists of herbal ingredients.
Stack 5 has thermogenic properties, it promotes fat loss on a direct route, by stimulating the release of the two adrenergic hormones epinephrine and norephedrine.
Furthermore, you get a lot of extra energy, which helps to train longer and harder (eg in connection with endurance, strength, or fitness training). Thus, the fat-burning effect of sport is enhanced. The new STACK 5 you can thus help to decrease faster, while still to be groovy.
Thermogenic (heat generation) is a process in which the body temperature rises slightly. To increase the body temperature, fuel is needed that the body gets mainly from fat.
This fat is drawn partly from the diet, and partly from the body's stored fat deposits. It is administered subcutaneously, preferably located under the skin fat.
The body tries to fight against this condition and therefore produces substances such as adenosine and prostaglandin which weaken the effect. The supply of white willow bark and Guarana (caffeine), which are contained in stack 5, the release of prostaglandin and adenosine is suppressed.
This sustained fat burning is ensured over a longer period. Take a stack 5 with a glass of grapefruit juice, it contains naringenin, a substance that is delaying the removal of caffeine and thus achieve a longer effect of the above mentioned drugs.

Stack 5 is suitable also as a training booster, because it affects the central nerve system and thus increases the body's performance in all areas. Important when an application is to ensure stack 5 30 - 45 minutes taken before the training so that the effect of training time in full occurs. is also important to ensure sufficient supply liquid because of the increased thermogenesis and an increased need for fluid.

If you on some days to be exhausted for your training, you have to stack 5 of M Double You reliable partner that gives you the necessary energy.
Green Tea promotes fat burning
Green tea contains a natural caffeine extract, which stimulates the fat burning process. It can not be compared with the caffeine of coffee, for that caffeine from green tea is much more stomach-friendly and has a positive effect on the burning of fat in your body. In addition, green tea rich in antioxidants that protect your body against the harmful effects of free radicals, which may increasingly be caused by stress and hard training.
Guarana is more energy
Guarana is a plant in Brazil, as coffee is used. It enhances the effect of ingredients that give the body more energy. Guarana stimulates the central nervous system, increases the production of adrenalin and the body's ability to "metabolize" calories. Guarana is also a gentle way a lot of extra energy.
Less appetite, greater efficiency
Choco-natural extract is made of a variety of ingredients that increase your energy level, inhibit your appetite, promote your mental and physical performance and also can stimulate the fat burning.
Caffeine extract accelerates the removal
Everyone is familiar with caffeine as a natural component of coffee or cola. The caffeine in STACK 5 where in pure form, as a caffeine extract. This ingredient stimulates the central nervous system, so that you have much more energy. It helps to reduce body fat, because it speeds the conversion of fats into fatty acids, which can then be burned by the body as energy.
L-carnitine plays in the burning of body fat and is therefore an important role during physical exertion and during the diet phase is very important. The body needs to burn fat, mobilizing fat stores to the mitochondria and transport. The mobilized fatty acids alone can happen, however, neither the cell wall or the shell of the mitochondria. To access this may require the fatty acids active transport mechanism. For the passage of natural barriers, the fatty acids using only the nutrient carnitine. Without carnitine can therefore be no burning of fat. With a lack of carnitine to burn fat is very slow.
White Willow Bark (willow bark extract) is a natural substance that prolongs the effect of fat burning and energy-promoting ingredients.
No more hunger pangs
Chromium Picolinate is a mineral that curbs your appetite by keeping blood sugar at a stable level. This will have fewer cravings between meals. Studies have shown that chromium the body's own composition (ratio of water, muscle and fat in the body) improved as stored fat, and muscle mass is simpler.
Who should take Stack 5?
Stack 5 should be used only by healthy people who are not taking drugs. This product is not a magic bullet which can be used in some 10 kilos or more days off. Stack 5 is meant as a dietary support. It is not intended to justify an unhealthy lifestyle, but to help you reduce body fat faster and reach your goal weight faster. A permanently sustained low body fat percentage can only be achieved with a low calorie, balanced diet combined with adequate exercise. You should therefore review this product while taking your life and change it if necessary. Do not take this product not arise if you suffer from cardiovascular problems or are taking any medications.
Unlike many diet products on the internet selling illegal stack 5 is one of Europe's legal, safe dietary supplements. Stack 5 was developed by M Double You. M Double You is inter alia Sponsor of the soccer team Ajax Amsterdam and has been working with renowned institutions in the development of natural dietary supplements.

Nutrition Facts

Consumation: Take a maximum of 4 capsules daily. The first two capsules at breakfast and take the next two capsules in the afternoon, take with fruit juice.
Warning: Concomitant use of prescription drugs is mandatory to obtain medical advice! Not exceed recommended dose. Keep out of reach of children.

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