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KrillOil 60 Capsules by My Laborell

KrillOil 60 Capsules

Brand My Laborell

Content 60 capsules

16.82 €


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KrillOil contains high quality krill oil providing a source of EPA and DHA fatty acids belonging to Omega-3 group.

These acids contribute to maintenance of proper pressure and regulate proper concentration of triglycerides in blood.

KrillOil is a source of astaxanthin – the strongest natural antioxidant responsible for maintenance of the optimum level of Omega-3 fatty acids and protecting the body against oxidation stress.

Astaxanthin supports resistance and delays body ageing processes. Phospholipids in the oil contribute to proper functioning of the nervous system.

Recommended daily intake portion is 1 or 2 capsules during a meal.

Supplement Facts

Krillöl My Laborell - Supplement Facts

Ingredients: Krill oil (Euphasia suprba), including: phospholipids, unsaturated fatty acids from Omega 3 family (EPA, DHA), astaxanthin, beef gelatine, glycerine.

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